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Treasures of Joy Farm

Beef...Chicken...Veggies...and More!


Our cows are raised outdoors on grass in the summer and on locally produced hay in the winter. Our herd consists of three mothers and their various offspring. A cow destined for the plate typically enjoys two summers of fresh grass.

We divide our 30+ acres of pasture into paddocks of various sizes, and the cows are moved to fresh grass when needed. Water is provided in each paddock. Most paddocks include hedgerows or shrub trees for shade and additional grazing options.

We use our cows personally for milk (no, we can't sell it to you. Sorry.) Because of this our mothers have part dairy and beef genetics. We use artificial insemination to breed them, often using Angus so that the calves have more of a commonly expected beefy quality.

Antibiotics are only given on a vet's advice for a serious infection. Typically, this is only for our mother cows.

We send our cows to Kelley Meats, a USDA-inspected meat processing facility in Taberg, NY. The majority of our meat is sold through our Meat CSA. Often we also have meat available by the cut or in a 25 lb. pack.

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