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Treasures of Joy Farm

Beef...Chicken...Veggies...and More!



Our laying flock is kept outdoors from March/April through November and in sheltered housing during the winter. They are fed day-old produce from a local organic grocery store, kitchen scraps from the house and non-gmo grains. Currently, we are able to buy grains from a local farmer (Homer, NY) who does NOT use glyphosate in growing his grains. A livestock guardian dog watches over the flock as we have fox, racoons, hawks, and other predators.

Eggs are collected daily, lightly rinsed, and refrigerated. They are sold by the dozen on an “as-available” basis. Our Meat CSA customers have first priority.


We buy unmedicated day-old chicks which come with their complete beak from a U.S. hatchery. These come to us through the postal service, and we then brood the chicks in a special heated cage (a brooder) for 3 or 4 weeks. The chicks then go outside where they live in movable huts and have free range, protected by a livestock guardian dog.

Due to the higher protein needs of these birds, we purchase a commercially produced non-GMO feed.

We process the chickens on the farm at 10-11 weeks of age.

Chickens which are pre-ordered are available fresh and are picked up on the day they are processed. Extras (non-preordered) are available on a first-come basis fresh or frozen. We tend to raise two separate flocks, with fresh sales limited to June and September.

For more pics and a similar description see this June 2017 blog post.

Robert Perry loads his corn into our barrels, which we haul back to the farm for our animals.