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Treasures of Joy Farm

Beef...Chicken...Veggies...and More!


Treasures of Joy Farm is a small farm that is family owned in Nedrow, New York.

We raise cows, chickens, and vegetables. At any given time we may also have goats, pigs, turkeys or other animals.

As much as practical, we try to raise animals in their natural habitat. This means that our chickens can take dust baths in dirt, and our cows eat grass, not corn.

We raise our vegetables with an understanding that the soil must be mineralized and full of good microbial life.

Farm blog including recipes

2018 Local Food Cooking Challenge
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We deliver meat locally monthly.

Non-GMO Statement

Quick Farm Facts

Established in 2001

Beef is grass-fed

Pigs and chickens are pastured and fed non-GMO grains

Each of our 11 children have helped over the years