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Genetically Engineered Organisms


A GMO (genetically modified organism) is a product wherein a gene expressing a desired trait is intentionally copied from one plant or organism and used in another plant. (Source, click to slide 2)

We have two primary concerns with GMOs.

One of us strongly dislikes the fact that many GMO crops are raised with glyphosate. The circles that we travel in believe that studies show glyphosate residue in these crops can (among other things) disrupt the proper working of gut bacteria thereby affecting health. For examples of this thinking, here are three links. A simple web search will bring up many more.

The other one of us thinks that the intentional mixing of DNA between species is wrong whether it involves the use of glyphosate or is used to save bananas from wilt. (This thinking comes from a specific Christian worldview that is not held by everyone in the church.)

In any case, we have decided to move our farm in a NON-GMO direction.

While we have never planted GMO crops or used glyphosate anywhere on our property, since 2016 we are only sourcing non-gmo grains for our pigs and fowl. In most cases, this means that the grains are not dessicated with glyphosphate, but that may not yet be the case with all of our grains. (Our beef is grass-fed so is not affected by this decision.)

This means that we pay a little bit more for our grain than some other local producers. And our prices reflect that. But we like to eat what we produce, and we feel that this is a more healthful end-product for human consumption.

We thank our customers for continuing to purchase from us even if GMO is not an issue for them.