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Meat Subscriptions

The Short Version

  • You subscribe to receive beef and/or chicken each month.
  • Each month you can choose between
    • 4 tubes of ground beef, OR 2 packages of beef steaks, about 3.5 lb., OR 1 beef roast, about 3.5 lb.
    • Each month you can choose a 5ish lb chicken.
    • A beef/pork/chicken option.
  • You have the option of adding extras to your order as available (e.g. eggs, vegetables, honey, additional meat).
  • We deliver the order to your door the first Thursday afternoon of the month, making it convenient and easy for you.
  • You cook, eat, and enjoy locally produced, grassfed, non-gmo meals, all the while supporting a local family farm.
  • Need a month off? Just don't order that month.

The Longer Version

Our meat subscriptions are a food distribution system in which consumers agree to be regular customers for locally produced meat. Sunday or Monday near the beginning of the month we will email you to let you know the store page is open. You will place your order online by Thursday at 10 a.m. You may pay online via Paypal, a secure credit card portal,or you may elect to pay by cash or check on delivery.

Delivery Limits

We factored in the cost of delivering up to 10 miles from the farm. That is a circle that looks like this. We do add a surcharge for deliveries outside this area. If the price of gasoline rises substantially, we will need to pass on some of that cost with a surcharge as well.

Picking items up at the farm is an option at checkout.


We accept checks, cash and credit cards. Online or in-person use of credit cards is handled by Square. We do not hold your credit card information.  Paypal can also be used through Square.

The monthly cost for the beef option is $30.

The monthly cost for the chicken option is $25.

Delivery is $10 / delivery within the delivery limits.

Questions? Email: sales@tojfarm.com

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