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Treasures of Joy Farm

Beef...Chicken...Veggies...and More!


We raise various table vegetables and greens in our market garden. They are available for sale at the farm via pre-order, on Wednesdays from June - October at the Westcott Community Center's Farmers Market, or through our Meat CSA.

While we are not certified organic, we have been in the past and follow many organic practices. Our goal is to have healthy soil. So we do minimal tillage, mineral amendments, and as time allows, we brew batches of compost tea as a soil drench or fertilizer mixes as a foliar spray. When we have measured our brix levels, they tend to fall in the average - good level. Our goal is to push that to an excellent level.

We also compost our own animal and vegetable waste and add it as a yearly fall amendment.

We do not use synthetic chemicals to kill plants or bugs in the garden.

Here is info about specific veggies:

Garlic Scapes









Onions dry in the sun